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Samsung CE hard disk boot into low-carbon-based security monitoring system

When the health of the consumer product safety is closely related to the time, IT products vane green trend must point to specific application level consumers. 2 years ago for the release of green business strategy, with the concept of green design, development and production of the Samsung hard drive, the green, not just on the social and environmental sustainable development of our obligations, but also by the exquisite craft innovation, improve the function and application of human nature, green and healthy for consumers to bring the application of real experience.

Samsung's latest release of the new hard drive Eco-Green drives to take advantage of Samsung EcoTriangle ™ technology provides environmentally friendly ingredients, green hard drive provides a low power consumption and low noise operation technology. In the production of new F3EG, Samsung refused to use halogen compounds and brominated flame retardants, replaced with environmentally friendly materials, the production process in strict accordance with environmental regulations, including RoHS environmental legislation (in electronic and electronic equipment on the use of certain hazardous substances of limitations). Samsung Eco-Green hard drive with advanced design technology and streamlined parts, under these conditions compared to similar products of its competitors, Samsung Eco-Green hard drive power consumption in standby mode reduced by 40% in Reading write mode, reduce power consumption by 10%. Which hard drive to use in voltage instability test failure rate was 0%. Particularly suited to the requirements of security video surveillance. In addition, the Samsung device has its low noise operation technology SilentSeek ™ and NoiseGuard ™ to obtain a relatively quiet operating system; Samsung EcoGreen ™ Series hard drives have been IDEMA (International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association) for two consecutive years as the hard disk drive performance evaluation of the most energy-saving power products products.

Samsung Eco-Green hard drives with integrated 3.0Gbps SATA interface, native command queuing features and 16 MB/32MB buffer memory, hard drive speed is 5400rpm, capacity 500G (HD502HI/CEC), 1TB (HD103SI/CEC), 1.5TB (HD154UI / CEC), 2TB (HD203WI/CEC). This product just released and soon passed the certification test and the Ministry of Public Security Haikang GA, Blue Star and other famous DVR manufacturers to pass the test.

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