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Security Aspect: Chinese video surveillance market trends and diversification

In recent years, as awareness of global security upgrade, the video surveillance market growing. Despite the global economic crisis has led to the development of many industries hampered, but ABIResearch data show that in 2008 the global video surveillance market still maintained a growth rate of 10%; in 2009 the economy start to recover, the market continues to accelerate growth. The analysts also predicted that 2014 will be the video surveillance market value of more than 41 billion U.S. dollars. By the "Green City", exhibition events, security and other factors driving the industry, China's rapidly growing video surveillance market is

Video surveillance market to thrive as chip and system companies bring tremendous market opportunities, but also for the developers to bring new challenges. From a technical development trend, network video monitoring will gradually become the mainstream mode; intelligent IP video surveillance to become the next major direction of development. With high-definition IP video surveillance gradually, intelligent direction, the main processing chips also put forward higher requirements.

Intelligent video analysis systems require more powerful SoC
Monitor the market in China, now the digital video recording system (DVR) or dominant, but the network video recorder (NVR) and network cameras (IPNC) the development of potent are great. Intelligent video analysis digital video surveillance is becoming a hot spot, while the DSP will be the driving force of this technology. There is no intelligent digital video analysis on international standards, only high-performance programmable DSP and video processor that makes the monitoring more complex algorithm implementation possible.
TI's digital signal processor (DSP) has been a strong impetus to the development of digital video surveillance technology, which is a milestone in the TMS320DM642 digital media processor general-purpose. After the launch of TI's DaVinci digital media processing system on chip (DavinciTM) is a digital video surveillance provides a powerful platform. Da Vinci's various series of platforms can be completely covered by the various digital video surveillance applications, and of which the master processor and ARM-based DSP processor to the two main direction of development. Their common feature is that you can support multiple video compression formats, including H.264/MPEG-4, etc. are all DSP core has the ability to support VCA.
Currently the program based on DSPSoC dominating for the monitoring market. Meanwhile, some FPGA vendors hope to differentiation and customization of context to demonstrate your superiority. Through the application of the FPGA device for monitoring and MPU / DSP combination, designers from the inherent flexibility of programmable co-processors to get the benefits of FPGA can also be used to focus on the development of algorithms to take advantage of MPU / DSP processing power. Some companies in its multi-channel video surveillance system hardware platform using DSP + FPGA approach is used in TI's TMS320DM6437, only one digital video input interface, to connect 8-channel video decoder, video decoder required DSP-device and increase the coupling between the video input interface logic, and programmable FPGA can be easily achieved between the two coupled logic.
To meet the future needs of digital video surveillance market, to a greater extent of flexibility is required, video compression codec to the intelligent development of the traditional real-time monitoring or to the development of intelligent analysis, optical system and digital electronic systems will be more closely. To this end, TI has been prepared, are being developed more powerful SoC system, its specifications include support for multi-standard video, fixed and floating-point DSP compatible with the support of the VCA, high-performance ISP video front-end support features, and All this will bring about a new digital video surveillance look.
ADI Technology Marketing Manager Zhanke: Processor upgrade intelligence gathering capability of handling
After several generations of technology evolution, video monitoring system is moving network (IP) and intelligent direction. In addition, mixed analog and digital monitoring system is the coexistence of the next few years will be the characteristics of China's security market.
Selection as the high-end, DSP is the main processor surveillance market in China. ASICSoC is backward who have a certain impact on the market. In addition, FPGA also trying to enter the market, but there are no examples of success. Since at this stage there is no standard for intelligent analysis and processing algorithms, based on different compression formats, intelligent video analysis of the MIPS DSP processing requirements will be very different, so the optimization algorithm is critical. Since both flexibility and high performance, DSP is more adept at handling intelligence analysis.
Ideal for image processing applications, DSP processor must have the characteristics of the following areas: core processing capability; specifically for image processing instruction set; easy to transfer large amounts of data, low-power hardware architecture; high level of integration; rich library of software modules ; powerful development tools. The video monitoring system, the most suitable for the control and treatment should be control and digital signal processing functions into one of the convergence processor, ADI's Blackfin processor is a typical cluster.
BlackfinDSP processor based on the ADI and Intel jointly developed the Micro Signal Architecture (MSA), by the advantages of traditional DSP and MCU integration, taking into account the events of pure arithmetic operations, control and processing capabilities, allowing engineers to realize a single chip image preprocessing, image processing, system control, which greatly improves system integration.
In the instruction set terms, Blackfin family of DSP for image processing provide a wealth of vector instructions and video instructions. In addition, ADI offers a variety of software modules for image processing, which are specifically optimized for the Blackfin processor, and the industry through rigorous verification. These software modules can significantly reduce the development of difficult systems engineers, and significantly improve system efficiency. Monitor market trends to meet the number of new features intelligent, ADI DSP processor as the host next-generation "digital reality" of the vanguard of intelligent video analysis technology will provide a more broad and deep support.
Networking, personal and intelligent video surveillance market is important trends, video surveillance applications will also be gradually becoming widely.
Early in the video surveillance in China Most of the products are based on the DSP, in multi-channel, high-resolution video codec applications, DSP software difficult to meet the system requirements. The FPGA hardware-accelerated approach for real-time multi-channel compression. Advantage of FPGA is programmable, ideal for high-need flexibility to provide differentiated applications. So far, use of video surveillance products FPGA chip mass production has been successively. Xilinx introduced for video surveillance applications target design platform (TDP) for the development of domestic enterprises has facilitated.
Digital Video Surveillance System Design the major technology trends is the need to achieve high-definition (1080p resolution), video analysis, intelligent management, IP, H.264 video compression standard, higher-resolution image signal processing, device capabilities are targeted at applications and with the project arithmetic functions. These new trends so that developers have to face low-power, low cost and environmental challenges.
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