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Internet cafes under surveillance or security will be a value-added point
Internet cafes are accepted minors, whether it was stealing, fighting, whether it was smoke ... ... With the Internet cafe Internet monitoring, these headaches have been effective supervision. According to an authoritative figure, currently operating across the country have 125,000 Internet cafes. With the growing number of Internet cafes in China, over a number of business owners, emerging out of a profit for the purpose of indulging children's access to Internet cafes and other minor problems, and some use of Internet cafes as a base for the implementation of extortion and other criminal phenomena, and the trend was spreading throughout the country, even people like Beijing, "Lan Ji Su" Internet cafes arson major events such as malignant. How to effectively strengthen the supervision and management of Internet cafes from operating activities in prevention unburned, into culture, and public security authorities of all relevant priority. Click of a mouse, Internet access, the situation is clearly visible, even the content of Internet users access to the Internet is no exception, and this is the effect of installing network monitoring platform.
If there is a minor to enter or Internet cafe owners to operate and so overtime violations, can not escape the software's "piercing eyes." Public Security Bureau Network monitor unit and area control system of Internet cafes to connect. Police in the operating system control on Internet cafes from time to time, do not have to patrol the Internet cafes within a very well informed. Installation of the system, a cyber cafe obvious case rate. Culture, public security and other relevant authorities as well as major brands licensees chain management body Management body bars, Internet cafes scattered through the implementation of remote images in real time centralized monitoring and management, not only to detect and investigate illegal Internet cafes in illegal business activities , but also the perpetrators of the abuse potential violations played great deterrent.
Internet cafes to monitor the main purpose is based on the property of self-prevention and security monitoring. And its a very good network access and bandwidth, because the mobility of very large, centralized management, therefore becomes particularly important, with real-time site monitoring, recording and alarm capability, can effectively prevent the theft of the main operators of Internet cafes loss and to help local police fight Internet cafes and timely treatment and violence, to avoid greater losses. Watch mobile phone with the "want to see, anytime, anywhere" mobile phone watch concept, but also to keep abreast of the main Internet cafe business operations and work of the staff. Internet cafe into a remote monitoring system, by installing cameras in Internet cafes and Internet cafes within the remote monitoring centers monitoring system, the monitoring center of the electronic screen, Internet cafes and Internet cafes within the dynamics of the address, phone number are clearly visible.
Meanwhile, Internet cafes 作为 De one kind of very special public place of business has become increasingly Dedaozhengfu and security management unit Zhong Shi Deng Zhi Neng, the Quanguowangba Gaosufazhan and Guimo more 大 the context of Internet cafes li of theft and crime Biru fight brawl after another, on social media, public opinion, public safety and government have formed a very large pressure, and in Internet cafes set up an effective video surveillance system has been increasingly recognized by everyone. Internet cafes for a network video surveillance solution for digital monitoring products, to fully consider the scalability, combined with anti-theft alarm centralized management and centralized storage, remote CMS monitor and mobile phone monitor integrated services such as multi-functional. Although many Internet cafes have installed a small hard disk video recording system, but mostly just to meet the higher level of inspection and set up, simply because not perform the desired effect and to bring great business value of the primary. In the front-end system, the general place of business as Internet cafes are open, and the light is weak, so front-end equipment used to explosion-proof infrared barrel and infrared conch machines, supplemented by smoke alarm sensor, emergency button, infrared detection and siren, the network transmitted to the back-end control system. In order to save costs or to take power wiring convenience, can be combined with the way the implementation of POE power supply.
Internet cafes as a very special kind of public place of business has been growing by the Government and public security functions of the management unit of attention, the rapid development of Internet cafes in the country and the increasing scale of the background, the Internet cafes where the crime rate such as theft and fights the growing incidence of social media, public opinion, public safety and government have formed a very large pressure, and in Internet cafes set up an effective video surveillance system has been increasingly recognized by everyone. Network cameras installed in the entrance, and with a door magnet, infrared sensor to monitor the fire and out of channel flow and safety, emergency button installed in each wall of the main aisle for emergency warning people in charge and open to install the network card with the camera record cash register at the cash register in the work and the dispute, and do a good job with the public security departments to confirm the identity of online registration. As the main network of Internet cafes in order to protect the needs of high-speed Internet access, solutions stored in the use of LAN and monitoring scenes with NAS storage.
The authorities control the use of event-triggered mode of the request management, and operation only requires the primary monitor can use the phone anytime, anywhere. In line with the remote management of security services at higher levels can also select a uniform ball from the IR remote to control and supervision. Network Video Monitoring System with centralized management database client software, which triggered a strong event management model more than compensate for the imperfect system of Internet cafes, reducing the frequency of occurrence of various criminal activities, increasing the effective prevention of juveniles means of scientific management of Internet cafes. And Internet cafes to install network video monitoring system on the protection of large Internet cafes operating main business security, life safety and property security, and provide an effective means to achieve integrated prevention and control purposes. City surveillance cameras capture real-time status of each Internet cafe entrances video signal, and then, through the green industry management office pool to the public security bureau, public security organs remote from time to time visit the video image.
Alarm functions through video surveillance, played on emergencies in a timely manner the role of early warning and timely processing, import and export of all Internet cafes, Internet cafes can be observed operating personnel information flow and access the situation. On the other hand, according to the provisions of the Ministry of Culture, to further standardize the market cafes, Internet cafes in three years, most of the existing major licensees to join the chain management system. The major brands of all licensed Internet cafes chain management body, once owned a chain of Internet cafes there were violations of any illegal activities, will bring its brand to the negative impact is difficult to assess. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the chain of access approval, and a system to regulate the threshold, the operating body to enhance its day to day supervision and management chain of Internet cafes is also essential. Internet Cafe chain remote centralized monitoring system is the latest web-based digital video surveillance system, the system mainly using the latest computer processing technology (computer image processing, compression, transmission technology, network technology), the front bars of the network to obtain the video camera digitized image signal encoding transmitted over the network through the cultural audit unit, Public Security Bureau of Industry Management Office and other departments of the control center or Internet cafe chain management body of the monitoring center, and then in the control center will be compressed into a digital image signal to restore the figures available show image signal and displayed on a computer monitor.
As the Internet cafe itself has a high bandwidth Internet access environment, the chain of Internet cafes remote centralized monitoring system, the system requires only simple equipment installation can achieve centralized monitoring Internet cafes. Internet Cafe chain remote centralized monitoring system for key components, including network cameras, as well as supporting the network video monitoring system of centralized management software. Former is installed in Internet cafes, the main function is to capture the analog video image signal is digitized and encoded in real-time video, and compressed into IP data packets, and upload the network. The latter was installed in the regulatory monitoring of the computer control center, mainly for the implementation of the data reduced to show the digital image signal, and a series of control, video management functions. Through the Internet cafe itself has a high-bandwidth Internet access, direct regulatory control centers in the computer to see images of all Internet cafes on-site scenarios can also be monitored by monitoring the center front of the computer through the Internet cafe network camera warning orders, or remote Internet cafes real-time sampling control. Internet cafes are standard in monitoring the operation, but also to ensure that Internet users in Internet cafes normal, safe Internet, and Internet cafe operators violations provide the basis for punishment.
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